To enhance military professionalism in Africa through education, training and development of officers in African Command and Staff Colleges.


1​1​th African Conference of Commandants Annual Conference​ held in P​retoria, South Africa



To conceptualise, inform and enhance education, training and development of the military officer in order to support policy formulation and military standards in Africa.


• Professionalism • Military Cooperation • Human Dignity • Discipline


The military tradition of learning from other institutions by exchanging students and instructors between colleges has contributed towards the current standards within African armed forces command and staff colleges. The pioneering colleges, with the desire to improve on these standards (and learning from similar international organisations), established the African Conference of Commandants (ACoC) during their first meeting in 2007 in South Africa. This meeting, under the theme of “Developing and Transforming Education in the Military, a Contribution to African Security”, expressed the desire for the highest standards in officer staff training in order to equip military professionals to the ultimate benefit of all the peoples of Africa.

The ACoC Approach

The development of the military professional is a process of lifelong learning and continuous growth. ACoC’s intent is to hone the skills of the select few who display the quality of leadership that would contribute to a safer, more stable and prosperous Africa. The colleges set out to further strengthen high moral and ethical values in those officers and develop a culture for respect of human dignity and rights.

As such, ACoC believes that highly professional officers can provide the necessary critical mass that inspires societies to respect societal values and contribute to the development of a culture of high moral and ethical standards. It is believed that the development of an ethos of excellence in a nation’s officer corps will result in a better quality of military peace missions, thereby achieving better for all stakeholders. The niche value of ACoC is in the diversity of the many African nations, several cultures and various military backgrounds that they represent, which they can share and learn from.

Operating Principles

    The operating principles of the ACoC shall be to:
  1. Enhance harmonisation, interoperability, commonality, and standardisation between African Command and Staff or War Colleges.
  2. Contribute to African security through quality education, which would provide the required knowledge; training to equip students with necessary skills; and development to ensure the right attitudes for the desired professional at the operational level of warfare;
  3. Develop cooperation amongst African Command and Staff or War Colleges through; benchmarking; college curriculum best practice; directing staff exchange programmes academic accreditation and Combined Joint African Exercise (CJAX);
  4. Translate requirements for improvement, as derived from lessons identified and learn from the lessons and apply the lessons and convert them into continental standards for military officers’ development.

Membership of ACoC

The ACoC is an independent association, whose membership is voluntary and open to all African Command and Staff Colleges or its equivalent.

Contact Details:

Secretary African Conference of Commandants
British High Commission
255 Hill Street
Telephone: +27-82-298-2955
Facsimile: +27-12-674-5084
E-mail: brjanssen@gmail.com


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